Reviews for Barringway Place Apartments

The Barringway Place

Reviews for Barringway Place Apartments

See what other people are saying about our The Barringway Place! At The Barringway Place Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.



I have to say I really enjoy living here, for quite a few reasons - the building being BRAND new means everything is absolutely perfect and clean and modern with a massive in-unit washer and dryer; the aesthetic they chose of all neutral means everything you have will match it perfectly; there is a streamlined gym that actually has space to move around; if you have an EV you are given a parking spot with a dedicated charger *right away* instead of being on a waitlist; and EVERY unit is above street-level because of the retail space so as a woman it feels like you have extra safety and privacy - each of these was something I hoped to have and am SO happy I found it all in the same building!! People have mentioned hearing their neighbors, which I don't through the walls but yes if you have heavy footed people above you, you probably will sure, but that's in every single building in LA if you're not on the top floor. Also, the building is maintained SO WELL by the property manager (Monica) - everything is spotless, and every request is handled incredibly quickly, and they are overall quite accommodating which is a rare find. Highly recommend!

Alexa Mertz


I love this building! It’s beautiful and has an awesome rooftop. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I toured with the manager Monica and she was so nice and has the best attitude. I had a great experience coming here and recommend this building to anyone looking for a great location with attentive staff. Thank you!!!

McKenzie Logan


This building is located in a great spot not far from the beach only a 10 minute drive away but far enough to where you don’t have to deal with beach traffic! It’s new, fresh, and modern with lots of great amenities like a gym and rooftop access where you can see views of the city and hang out with your guests. There are places all over the property where they put out furniture I will sometimes have lunch outside and really enjoy that! The manager of the property Monica is very sweet and you can tell she really cares about the community of people living there. I really love it here because it’s a beautiful property with so many great features not far from where I work and the beach is huge plus!

Mariya Dawson


Maria Berner


OUTSTANDING... Very excited to see what it will become.

Money Penny


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